Terms & conditions

Garden Rescue aims to provide an honest, reliable and trustworthy service.

  • Our staff and associates are polite, well-mannered and work to a professional standard.
  • We only supply prices through written quotations and not verbal agreements. If circumstances on an agreed quotation change due to unforeseen circumstances these need to be agreed in writing prior to any work commencing.
  •  If requiring payment of less than 7 days then the customer’s written agreement is required.
  • Seton Taylor Trading as Garden Rescue is VAT Registered. VAT No. 153 4263 26
  • We do have a complaints procedure and endeavour to resolve any complaints by post to 484 Walton Road, West Molesey, Surrey, KT8 2JQ or by email to seton.taylor@gmail.com.
  • Unresolved complaints will be referred to the Ombudsman Service for resolution with the agreement of the customer.
  • We do not have a guarantee procedure with certain live aspects of our work but do give advice upon request on after maintenance to work that has been carried out by us.
  • Garden Rescue may be liable for any fencing erection if there is any damage etc. to any utility infrastructure e.g. water, electrical, gas.  If at fault, Garden Rescue will rectify any damage caused to foreseen and informed (by client) utility infrastructure. The client is liable to cover the cost of repair if such utility infrastructure was not advised.
  • We only supply materials from good standard suppliers and aim to provide our clients with a good standard of service.
  • We offer a 14-21 day payment policy after work has been completed unless interim payments have been agreed prior to work commencing.
  • We have public liability Insurance cover up to £1,000,000.